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How Dynamics 365 Users Meet Their Shipping Needs with Gateway for D365 F&SC

This is one of four panel sessions in The March 2023 European Shipping Forum

All sessions are airing in CET (0900, 1200 and 1500)

NMB Gateway for D365 is the leading Parcel, TMS shipping and shipping compliance solution for Dynamics 365 F&SCM. In this session, Gateway customer, Liz Lee, IT Director at Leatherman Tool Group, is joined by NMB Solutions Vice President for Partner Development & Sales, Cheryl Spaulding, and Microsoft Dynamics MVP Rick McCutcheon to share why they chose Gateway and NMB Solutions to meet their particular shipping and compliance needs.

Liz Lee
IT Director
Leatherman Tool Group
Cheryl Spaulding
VP, Partner Development & Sales
NMB Solutions LLC
Rick McCutcheon
Dynamics 365 CE/CRM MVP