Get Ready to Win: Accelerate Success with Advanced Analytics

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Get Ready to Win: Accelerate Success with Advanced Analytics

Too often resources are spent chasing deals that can't be won, while too little time is devoted to difficult cases and too much consumed by routine ones...What if your team was equipped with tools to help them stop spending time and money in the wrong areas and instead focus on the activities that will result in success? 

Predictive analytics using your Dynamics ERP or CRM data can deliver remarkable insight and focus into key areas of your business. This kind of vision drives dramatic acceleration of your success by providing the ability to identify and quickly react to changing market conditions, supplying real-time scoring and offering feedback on activities. 

Join us to learn how your data can be transformed into a powerful advanced analytics model, allowing you to focus organizational resources on the opportunities you can win!


During this webinar, you will discover: 

  • Common scenarios for predictive analytics, and how other organizations have accelerated their success
  • What Dynamics data can be used to predict business outcomes and how to access it
  • How to build an analytics model, then validate the results
  • How to take action on the results from the analytics  

Wednesday, October 07, 2015