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Future-Proof Parcel Delivery: Cut Costs and Risks Using the Major Parcel Carrier Networks Across Europe

This is one of four panel sessions in The March 2023 European Shipping Forum

All sessions are airing in CET (0900, 1200 and 1500)

What does a future-ready multi-carrier parcel solution in your D365 F&SCM environment look like? Over the past 36 months, global supply chains have been stretched to the limit. At the same time, global parcel shipping volumes are expected to double over the next five years, making it imperative for businesses to be prepared.

In this session, Sean Sherwin-Smith, Product Director-Post Purchase from nShift and Nathaniël Nguyen, European sales director, NMB Solutions Inc., discuss the impact of current trends on D365 F&SC customers and how innovations in shipping and delivery management technology support an integrated supply chain. We will talk about how innovation in shipping can help you improve productivity, cut costs, and create an enhanced customer experience.

Sean Sherwin-Smith
Product Director-Post Purchase
Nathan Nguyen
European Sales Director
NMB Solutions
Rick McCutcheon
Dynamics 365 CE/CRM MVP