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Expert Panel: Digital DealRooms - Driving Revenue with DealHub for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM

As selling cycles become more demanding, complex and buyer-driven, sales professionals spend more time communicating and less time selling. This increased collaboration happens, both internally and externally, and causes missed opportunities, longer sales cycles and forecasting challenges.

At the same time prospects are expecting more out of their acquisition support tools - to make their lives easier and buying processes smoother.

In this session, our panel of experts discuss how digital DealRoom solutions can improve collaboration and communication between prospect and seller and help to navigate complex selling through to success. They also introduce DealHub for Dynamics 365 CE/CRM. A comprehensive solution to manage deals that require complex configuration and pricing - all in an agile manner.

Topics include:

  • Filling the gaps in traditional selling cycles from out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 CE/CRM
  • How to improve the collaborative elements of configuration, pricing and quoting
  • An innovative approach to proposal creation with rich media, your branded attractive presentation layer, bi-directional communications and document repository
Michael Dickerson
Eyal Orgil
Rick McCutcheon
Dynamics 365 CE/CRM MVP