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ERP Horror Story: Ransomware Attack Cripples Manufacturer’s On-Prem ERP System

In their second year dealing with a challenging legacy ERP deployment, the IT team at a mid-sized manufacturing company faced an unexpected crisis. A devastating ransomware attack crippled their on-premises data center, bringing their ERP and other critical systems to an abrupt standstill. Amidst this chaos, a decisive IT team member took bold action, severing ties with their existing ERP partner and enlisting Western Computer for an urgent recovery mission.

We invite you to our latest installment in the "ERP Horror Stories" series. In this session, Greg Williams, VP of Strategy at Western Computer, will recount the dramatic turnaround of a company on the brink. Discover how Western Computer resurrected their operations by transitioning them from a faltering legacy ERP to Dynamics 365 in the cloud — all within an astonishing two-month timeframe. This webinar will cover essential insights, including:

  • Proactive measures and best practices for ransomware attack prevention in ERP systems.
  • Strategies for a rapid and secure transition to cloud computing.
  • Key considerations for an effective data migration from on-premises to cloud environments.
  • Stages of a successful cloud-based ERP implementation journey.
  • The transformative impact on the customer post-recovery from the cyberattack.
Greg Williams
VP of Strategy
Western Computer
Anya Ciecierski
ERP/CRM Software Blog