Effective Emergency Response in Dynamics CRM with Azure IoT and Cognitive Services

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EST


Schools at EF Education First handle thousands of students every week in more than 150 locations worldwide. Emergencies may happen with no notice, whether for weather-related events or a terrorist attack. How do we react promptly and safeguard the security and safety of our students and staff around the world?

A system of multiple communication channels is used to reach out to students and inquire about their safety. Capabilities include:

  • Tracking students' last known location with GPS units;
  • Collecting and analysing data via Azure IoT Hub;
  • Automatic messages and calls in multiple languages are initiated from the CRM;
  • Student replies processed with Azure Cognitive Services using text and voice recognition and translation;
  • Bots check status and condition.

Targeted at software architects, developers and product owners, this session explores the core capabilities of the Azure IoT and Cognitive Services in providing an integrated and effective solution for immediate response to emergencies using a variety of communication channels and languages.


Microsoft Dynamics MVP