Driving Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365

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Driving Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365

Join Avanade, a joint venture of Microsoft and Accenture, as we unwrap the new Dynamics 365 and show how it enables faster digital enterprise transformation.


  • Demystifying Digital Disruption: First, we'll untangle enterprise technology jargon and illustrate why and how the next Uber or AirBnB might be in your industry backyard...and what you can do about it. 
  • Demonstrate Dynamics 365: Next, we will give you a unique peek inside Microsoft's newest enterprise technology and how it provides a "start anywhere, go anywhere" digital transformation path for your organization. You'll see the radical way that previously disparate tools like CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence have become seamlessly interwoven and cloud-based; finally equipping executives with fast, flexible, one-source-of-truth decision-making.
  • Transform Your Thinking: We guarantee that participants will leave this webinar with a clearer, faster path to becoming a digital enterprise.

Thursday, December 15, 2016