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Data Integration Best Practices for your Dynamics ERP Implementation

When your executive demands better dashboards, cash information, and ways to lower expenses, it may be time to start looking for a new ERP solution. But mid-market companies consistently struggle to manage ERP projects. Evaluate the cost, benefit, and challenges of data integration requirements against your strategic reporting and analysis needs. Integration of legacy data is frequently one of the most complex aspects of an ERP project, requiring specialized skills and significant risk.

In such high pressure situations, project management makes the difference between success and failure. Join Microsoft MVP and Dynamics GP implementation veteran Gloria Braunschweig for an ERP project management strategy session focused on the challenges of data integration in a Microsoft Dynamics ERP project. At this live event, you'll discover how project management best practices specific to data integration boost your organization's chances at success.

Topics of this webcast will include:

  • Strategic integration decisions: what to leave behind
  • Master versus Transactional records: Why the differences matter
  • Data cleaning tools and methods
  • Incorporating Microsoft Dynamics ERP RapidStart tools into a project
Gloria Braunschweig
President, Dorian Enterprises
Computeration, Inc.