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CRM Horror Stories: A Dynamics 365 CE Cautionary Tale of Customization and Poor Partnership

Join Western Computer for a webcast exploring the consequences one Dynamics 365 CE customer suffered after engaging with an uninformed Microsoft partner. You will hear the tale of a customer ensnared in an over-customized system that suffered operational inefficiency, increased support costs, and diminished visibility into their operations.

Western Computer's intervention for this client showcases how even challenged CRM implementations can be corrected, and how you can determine if you are working with the right partner to simplify your Dynamics 365 approach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Risks of Over-Customization: Learn about the operational and financial pitfalls of excessive customization without adherence to best practices.
  • Strategic Recovery Plan: Insight into Western Computer's approach to dismantling unnecessary customizations and realigning systems with industry standards.
  • Impact on Business Operations: Explore the tangible effects of poor partnership choices on inventory management, customer billing, and project performance.
  • Advice for Dynamics Users: Tips on how to select a consulting partner that can navigate the complexities of Dynamics 365 and support ongoing cloud strategy.
  • The Importance of Expert Partners: Understand the critical role of selecting a Dynamics 365 partner with deep CE experience and industry knowledge.
Greg Williams
VP of Strategy
Western Computer
Kayla Rohde
D365 CE Solution Architect
Western Computer
Anya Ciecierski
ERP/CRM Software Blog