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CRM Community Call: Insights that Boost D365 User Adoption

Throughout 2024, MSDW is holding CRM community calls to spotlight the latest thinking on Dynamics 365 CE solution success. This month, we ask: Can you delve into the minds of your Dynamics 365 CRM users to improve engagement?

Join Satish Reddy of Aha Apps and Microsoft MVP Asif Rehmani of VisualSP as they explore user adoption and the tools every Dynamics 365 CE customer can use to attain profound insights into user behavior.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to pinpoint areas where users encounter difficulties, thereby ensuring the effectiveness and user-friendliness of your governance and compliance measures. We will explore various D365 use cases, share customer stories, and provide you with actionable ideas to foster improved user adoption.

Satish Reddy
Aha Apps
Asif Rehmani