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Create Your Microsoft Cloud Superstore: Add Dynamics 365 to Your Practice to Increase Revenue and Create a Customer for Life

In 2019, nearly 60% of businesses will consider cloud ERP for the next implementation while interest in on-premise models has plummeted by 30%.¹

The North American cloud ERP market share is predicted to grow from $8.4B in 2018 to $11.1B in 2022.²

Businesses are demanding cloud-based technology. The numbers speak for themselves; there is no better time to build your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business. Offering transformational solutions provides an opportunity to increase revenue and provide high value services, while creating a customer for life.

Imagine your practice is a superstore...what if you could have your customers go down an IT Stack aisle, Cloud Services aisle, AND a Business Applications aisle filling their shopping cart. Your practice would benefit from driving increased customer spend, improved stickiness, and introduce a higher value service opportunity which can generate greater margins for your business.

 Join our webinar when we will cover:

  •  Why Add a Dynamics 365 Aisle to Your Superstore- Learn more about the exciting D365 Business Central market opportunity
  • Self-Checkout to Full Customer Service- Where does your practice fit? Every partner embarks on its cloud journey from a different starting point
  • Turning Customers into New Cloud Opportunities- Factors that go in to launching a D365 practice and how to overcome common start-up challenges
  • Enablement Resources and Tools- Discover a faster and easier way to ramp up your cloud practice and why now is best time to get started

Source: 1. Microsoft  2. Statista

Scott May
Director of Channel Programs
Stratos Cloud Alliance