BI and Reporting in 2016: The Pain, Progress, and Priorities of Microsoft Dynamics Customers

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EST


What do Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM users really want from a BI and reporting solution? And what are they getting today? 

Join us for a panel discussion that explores findings from MSDW's new 2016 BI and Reporting Buying Guide for Microsoft Dynamics. editor Jason Gumpert will host panelists Anthony D'Anna of deFacto and Brandon George of Hillstar BI for an exploration of the results of the report's reader survey. We'll discuss the findings from several angles including customer priorities, pain points, and future opportunities for building a great BI and reporting strategy. Topics will include:  

  • What customers can do to decrease complexity of report creation and broaden access to analytics tools;
  • Customers' likelihood to have data governance plan to accompany data management efforts;
  • Why solid Excel integration remains a top priority and what it means for BI and reporting solution vendors;
  • Why and how to figure out your partner's ability (or lack thereof) to support your BI initiative. 



COO, Co-Founder, deFacto
Microsoft MVP, President - America’s Region, Hillstar Business Intelligence