AI Trends for Business Central in the SMB segment for 2023

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AI Trends for Business Central in the SMB segment for 2023

Whether your organization is new to Business Central, transitioning from NAV, or considering a move from another ERP system, it is important to understand where the Business Central functionality ends and where ISV tools adds value. In this expert panel discussion, we will explore one of the fastest-growing capabilities for Business Central: artificial intelligence. This panel will talk about current use cases for applying AI in the context of Business Central, plus the unique capabilities that the ISV community are introducing.

Here are some of the points of discussion:

  • Is the back office (i.e. finance & accounting) still taking a back seat when it comes to cool and new technology?
  • How will AI reduce manual, time-consuming, routine tasks and allow BC users to spend their time on much higher value contributions to the business?
  • Can AI help you better control your cash flow with more intelligent invoices and other financial processes?
  • Will AI help remote workers better collaborate?
  • Learn how AI enables operational teams to do more with less when operating inside or outside of your ERP system.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023