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Accelerate Revenue with Better Dynamics 365 F&O Quote-to-Order Tools

Join our upcoming webinar to discover how integrating the right technology in your Dynamics 365 F&O system can elevate your sales team’s experience, productivity, and revenue.

On April 11th Experlogix will discuss some of the common bottlenecks to an efficient sales process including:

  • Cumbersome protocols for discount approvals
  • Long turnaround times for custom orders
  • Dependency on “tribal knowledge” for pricing

Afterwards, our experts will explain how technology like CPQ and Document Automation can help your team drive a more seamless quote-to-order process. You'll also discover how to measure the impact of technology on your sales team's performance.

Register for our webinar today and take the first step towards achieving greater success!

Bert de Vries
Sales Director