Jon Michaels


Jon runs the sales and marketing teams that support worldwide customers and partners for ImageTag. His primary responsibilities are setting and executing go to market strategy; synthesizing product requirements as a key member of the Product Steering Committee; researching sales & marketing analytics to determine forecasts and course corrections; establishing sales & marketing processes and coaching the teams through their adoption; and presenting the ImageTag value proposition to key constituencies. 

During Jon's seven-year tenure with ImageTag, the company has more than doubled in size in terms of revenue and number of employees in a very challenging economy. Jon has overseen the metamorphosis of ImageTag from a document capture software company to one that delivers a complete business process automation system. He led the charge to "start with why" as the basis for everything the company does and Jon's passion for "the ImageTag why" is what drives him to succeed every day. 

Jon gets very involved in the personal and professional success of his team members. He is known to establish book clubs, create and conduct self-help prescriptions, hold impromptu therapy sessions and engage in late night and weekend pep talks. 

Prior to ImageTag, Jon was Senior Vice President of Social Media startup company Bulbstorm, where he helped them get acquired by ePrize. He also previously served as Executive Vice President of Los Angeles-based SmithGeiger, where he led the media, entertainment and technology divisions. Jon holds a BS Degree in Business from State University of New York, College at Oneonta. Jon enjoys golf, working out, cycling, fine wine, self-enlightenment and playing the guitar. He lives with his girlfriend, Katie, in Phoenix, AZ.