Howie Hahn


Howie has worked with Esker for 15 years. His first seven years were spent assisting customers within the Technical Support department before he transitioned into a Senior Sales Engineer position. He currently manages the Sales Engineering department as he analyzes the business procedures of companies, and then determines the best solution to eliminate company issues that occur within their paper-based processes. He has a passion for the world of SAP, and he heads up internal Esker training for SAP processes. His expertise lies in Accounts Payable Automation and Sales Order Processing Automation for SAP ERPs. Howie also strives to assist companies with moving their on premise infrastructures to the Cloud.

Outside of the world of SAP and automation solutions, Howie enjoys taking long trips around the U.S. on his Harley. He owns a vineyard and enjoys brewing his own beer at home. He may be a "a boring tech guy," but you may find it interesting that he doesn't even have a computer, internet or cable television in his home.