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Harald Horgen is an acknowledged expert in the field of helping software companies expand into new markets, and with 25 years of global experience he has learned what it takes to build successful business models. 

As the President and founder of The York Group, an international business development organization with offices and partners in 25 countries, Harald speaks from experience.  The lessons learned from hundreds of client engagements involving most technology platforms (mainframes, client/server, open source and SaaS) have been analyzed and documented, resulting in an extensive set of best practices. 

Focused exclusively on enterprise software vendors since 1993, he works with clients to extend or transform their business models in three primary areas:

  1. SaaS business model transformation – from overall strategy to adapting current roles and functions (e.g., sales organization and compensation, customer support, marketing, etc.) to work more effectively in an IP subscription-based model;
  2. Big data, data analytics and IoT – helping clients develop a comprehensive view of the data in their world, providing them with the knowledge and understanding they need to monetize the data they are collecting while maintaining compliance;
  3. Channel programs – from creating the right channel program using a comprehensive, fully-document methodology to actually recruiting partners worldwide through a network of partners in almost 30 countries.

Clients range from emerging firms to established players such as Microsoft, HP, CA, Symantec, Schneider Electric, Ericsson, ABB, Lufthansa, Sage, Schlumberger and GE Healthcare.