Denis Pombriant


Denis Pombriant has been a well-known analyst and thought leader in the CRM space for 20 years. He is the managing principal of Beagle Research Group, LLC, a CRM consultancy. Pombriant writes and publishes widely throughout the CRM industry and he is the author of three books including, "Solve for the Customer," and "You Can't Buy Customer Loyalty, But You Can Earn It." Most recently Pombriant published, "The Age of Sustainability," about the economic and technical solutions to global warming. 

Pombriant continues a vigorous practice dedicated to analysis, writing, and consulting on all matters related to CRM. The Beagle Research Blog has won consistently high honors for its content. It was ranked number one for 2018. He lives in the Boston area with his beautiful wife, two demanding cats and one French water dog that always seems to be wet.