Colin Masson


Colin has over 25 years of experience evaluating, implementing and selling manufacturing, enterprise and supply chain software.

5 years researching and advising the global Fortune 500 on manufacturing and supply chain best practices, and on designing software architectures that support demand-driven supply networks and demand-driven manufacturing.

Strategic advisor to major ERP companies such as Oracle and SAP, and major automation vendors such as Invensys and Rockwell Automation on their manufacturing software architectures, product development roadmaps, product marketing, partnering and acquisitions.

Evangelist of Manufacturing 2.0 that..."capitalizes on service-based and collaboration-based architectures to let manufacturers dynamically reconfigure sensor and mobile-worker-enabled supply networks to make products right first time and on demand".

Over last few years at Microsoft, increasingly focused on the 'Digital Supply Chain', and the convergence of Digital Marketing and Supply Chain execution in Retail and Consumer Goods.