Bob Bergman

As a manufacturing and Life Science specialist Bob brings more than 30 years of manufacturing experience to his job, which consisted of implementing ERP solutions for mid-market manufacturers. In recent years, he has managed several on-time, on-budget implementations of multinational manufacturing systems. Bob worked as the vice president of manufacturing operations at Nematron Corporation, as a materials manager at Takata Electronics, and as a manager of manufacturing operations and information systems at Eaton Corporation. Bob also has worked as a consultant in the areas of purchasing, inventory control, scheduling, MRP II, and ERP software selection and implementation for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. He implemented MRP II Closed Loop Manufacturing Systems for several of his clients. In addition, Bob has worked as a senior systems analyst, a supervisor of inventory planning and control, and a data processing manager. In the last the few years, Bob has participated in the successful implementation of a Life Sciences system at the Argentina plant of a global pharmaceutical company that produces Hepatitis B Vaccine; at a manufacturer of silicon nitride ceramic implants; at a manufacturer of ultra sensitive Ultra Sound systems; at Nutraceutical Manufacturers; and at the manufacturer of enzymes for industrial uses. Bob holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Ferris State University. He has been certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) bv the American Production and Inventory Control Society and as a Professional Data Processor (CDP) since the early 1980s.