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Business Need

Faster BI Implementations: Key Strategies and Ancillary Benefits to Your Organization

Three critical BI implementation tips

Building a Business Case for AP Automation

How to propel your project to the top of the list

How Industry Leaders are Using Tax Automation Technology to Optimize Their Businesses

Competitive advantages of sales tax automation

Delivering PDM/PLM from Within Microsoft Dynamics AX

Enable product lifecycle environments that foster innovation in all product related areas

Build a Powerful BI Solution: Start with the Right Data and Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators and data gathering techniques that add value to your business intelligence solution

Reasons to Extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Manage Your Recruiting

Without the proper Applicant Tracking System (ATS), your organization will never get the traction it needs to compete in today’s talent market.

Time Tracking: Is It Still Relevant in an Agile Environment?

How time reporting provides significant value to organizations practicing Agile development

Accounts Payable Automation for Microsoft Dynamics

Make your AP operation best-in-class

A 5 Step Guide for Measuring the Impact of AP Automation

The risks and waste of paper-based processes

7 Steps to ERP Heaven

Secrets to ERP project success
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