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Improving Organizational Performance Management Through Pervasive Business Intelligence

Evidence that the competitive value of business intelligence and analytics solutions is growing.

Have Multiple Customer Touch Points? How to Use Dynamics CRM to Improve Customer Satisfaction

How to enhance service levels and drive customer satisfaction

The Paperless Utility: Understanding the Benefits of ECM

Perceptive Software
Several key factors to consider as you evaluate ECM solutions

The Key Requirements for Shifting to an Automated Data Collection System

Radley Corporation
Meet the need for accurate and timely data entry

Top 7 Things Every Executive Should Know About Cloud Computing

Is it a fad, or here to stay?

How to Simplify Integration of On-Demand CRM with On-Premise ERP

Scribe Software
Bridging the gap between on-demand CRM and on-premise ERP

Guide to Improving Forecast Accuracy: A 10-Point Plan for Creating More Accurate Demand Information

Demand Solutions
Point #2: Forecast using demand — not sales

Worksheet: Are You Ready for Marketing Automation?

Download this worksheet now to see if you’re ready!

8 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Audit Risk

Hint: Keep doing sales tax manually

Top 10 Reasons to Automate Operating Expense Controls
Learn why automation is the key to controlling and reducing operating expenses
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