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Business Need

Using The Best Tools For Your Business Intelligence Implementation

What everybody ought to know about the Microsoft BI stack

Spend Analysis: The Foundation of Strategic Cost Management

Bottom-line cost savings that can’t be ignored

Extending the Effectiveness of ERP Through Employee Portals

Attributes you should be looking for in an ERP system

The Role of CRM in Integrated Customer Service Management

Examples of how integrated CRM can improve service management

Best of Microsoft Dynamics GP Tips, Tricks and Features

Get the most out of your Dynamics GP investment

Use Microsoft Dynamics to Generate BI That Delivers Organization-Wide Value

A solution to address the common pitfalls of typical BI systems

Sunrise Apparel and Footwear Template for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Transform your business into a competitive, demand-driven enterprise.

Gain Control of the Accounts Payable Process via True Automation and Dynamics Enhancement

The four key criteria for determining the true cost of paper and process

Ways to Improve Quality Control & Industry Compliance in Manufacturing

Build the foundation of compliance around financial control

7 Major Obstacles to Integrated Marketing Data

Bring everything you know about your customers and prospects together within each of the systems that drive the interactions with them
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