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Business Need

Delivering Engaging Customer Experiences: No Longer a Strategic Approach but a Necessity for Business Survival

Learn how to utilize CRM to seize customer intelligence across all channels to provide proactive and personalized customer experiences

How to Calculate E-Signature ROI

Align your e-signature initiative with corporate goals, and use both hard and soft ROI to support the business case

4 Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Sales Tax Audit

Automating sales tax compliance is a great first step

4 Major Challenges to Successful Customer Data Integration

Why it's critical to accelerate access to customer data

Exploring the Business Model Evolution of High-Tech Equipment Manufacturers

A white paper for manufacturers of software-driven hardware devices

SaaS CRM vs. On-Premise CRM: Which is the Right Choice for Your Business?

Questions to ask before making your final decision

ROI and Enterprise Content Management: Generating Measurable Results Across the Enterprise

Generating measurable cost savings and efficiencies across the enterprise

Increase Compliance, Save Money and Time by Automating Project-Based Revenue Recognition

Recognizing project based revenue: beyond “guesstimating” and toward automation

Microsoft Dynamics™ AX for the Hosting and Managed Service Provider Industry

Benefits of consolidating disparate systems into one enterprise application that manages all core business functions

5 Successful Data Migration and Integration Strategies for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Expert advice, proven tools, and case scenarios for reducing risk and maximizing resources during an ERP implementation
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