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Business Need

Built on Sand: Risks that Indicate It's Time to Revamp Your Custom Software

Problems that indicate your legacy software is creating unnecessary risk

Be Paper Free: Automate Accounts Payable in Dynamics without Installing Software

Leveraging accounts payable automation as a service

The Power of Aligned and Shared Information

Which information is useful and which information is potentially dangerous?

Calculating the Cost of the AP Paper Trail

Do you know what paper-based invoice processing is costing your organization?

Take Charge of Freight Expenses and Save Money Using Optimized 3PL Solution

Effectively managing freight expenses in challenging economies

How Manageable Steps Can Tackle a Complex AP Automation Project

Hard-learned lessons while implementing automated AP processes

"Nurture Marketing" Techniques to Get More Out of Your Sales Leads

Fundamentals of B2B Nurture Marketing

Easy Document Management: A Guide to Benefits, Features and Selection

A more compact means of storage, universal access for retrieval, and higher levels of data security and privacy

Zip Codes & Sales Tax Management – The Five-Digit Code That Could Cost You

ZIP codes do not equal sales tax jurisdictions

Document Management: A Valuable Resource for the HR Department

Why HR departments should consider digitizing their documents
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