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Business Need

2016 Microsoft CRM Marketing Idea Book

How you can use Dynamics CRM in your marketing efforts

Convincing Your Boss to Implement Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Some tips to get your bosses on-board

Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management (WMS) 101

Gain visibility and streamline processes within Microsoft Dynamics AX

The AP Automation Series eBook: Your 360° View of Accounts Payable Automation

This ebook will give you the tools you need to transform your AP with a phased approach

Insurance Companies Need a Healthy Dose of Document Management

Helps businesses streamline processes to make sure that company information is readily available

Managing Costs and Margins in an Unpredictable World

What is the right way of controlling margins?

Expert Guidelines for Choosing the Best Fax Solution for Your Business

Detailed options for automating your faxing solutions to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and simplify IT and business process efficiency

A Solution Specifically Designed to Meet the Operational and Financial Management Needs of Not-For-Profit or Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

A technical overview for deploying Serenic Navigator into multiple countries and locations

10 EDI Best Practices: Integrating Your Supply Chain with Dynamics

Be on your way to experiencing integration success.
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