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Behind the Growing Urgency to Transform Dynamics Reports Into Business Intelligence

Six questions to ask when evaluating the back end of a BI system

Evolving from Application to Enterprise Data Quality: A Practical Guide

Trillium Software
Why a new approach is needed

Expert Guidelines for Choosing the Best Fax Solution for Your Business

Detailed options for automating your faxing solutions to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and simplify IT and business process efficiency

How Document Process Automation Helps Businesses Improve Profitability

A guide for planning and evaluating automation of document processes

Why Business Intelligence is Vital to the Survival of Retailers in the 21st Century

Halo Business Intelligence
Engender customer loyalty in an environment where it is easier than ever to switch

Zip Codes & Sales Tax Management – The Five-Digit Code That Could Cost You

ZIP codes do not equal sales tax jurisdictions

The Evolution of Data Discovery

Reluctance is misplaced in 2014

Overcoming Java Vulnerabilities to Code Manipulation, Reverse Engineering and Theft

Protect your critical algorithms and other intellectual property

Gartner's 2014 Trends – What Microsoft Dynamics Users Should Know

4 that directly pertain to Dynamics users

A Retail BI Solution That Truly Empowers Workers

How and why BI applications continue to be the top technology priority for retailers
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