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How Your Business Can Improve Efficiency and Reduce Operational Costs by Integrating EDI with ERP

Ensuring that EDI data is properly migrated to the ERP system is becoming increasingly mission-critical

The Hidden Financial and Marketing Benefits of Digital Invoicing via Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A solution that merges both the benefits of electronic invoicing and the comfort of familiar paper filing from end-to-end

Top Ten Sales Tax Tips & Tricks for 2014

Develop an effective proactive sales tax strategy long before the auditor knocks on your door

Shortening the Cash Conversion Cycle with a Paperless Microsoft Dynamics Platform

An efficient CCC allows a business to remain ahead of competitors

Evolving from Application to Enterprise Data Quality: A Practical Guide

Trillium Software
Why a new approach is needed

10 Key Traits for SMBs to Look for When Selecting a CRM Implementation Partner

OSF Global Services
Take the time to develop a clear vision and direction for your CRM activities

How "Multi-Channel Management Power" Can Turn Underdogs into Super Heroes

How a single view of multiple systems can improve your customers’ shopping experience

Empowering SharePoint Users with Purpose-Built Document Management

M-Files Inc.
Boosting the value of SharePoint

Cloud Computing and Storage - What is it and are you in?

A way to optimize and further provide an area of growth for your business

Microsoft’s Ultimate Social Intelligence Guide for CRM

Using online networks to build relationships and boost sales
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