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How to Manage Critical Product Responsibilities with Lot Number and Expiry Date Traceability

Accellos, a HighJump Company
Respond immediately and efficiently to product recalls

Securing Critical Corporate Data in a Mobile World

CWR Mobility
Recommended tactics for deploying your mobile CRM solution with confidence

Pros and Cons for Processing Invoices in the Cloud or On Premises

Gartner provides these reasons to employ cloud solutions as well as reasons to tread more carefully

The Big Secret to Painless Data Migration

Jet Reports
Legacy data is a key component to the success of a new ERP implementation or upgrade

Synchronizing Real-Time Product Movement to Improve Distribution Operation Productivity

Advanced Systems Integration Inc.
Take Control of Extended Supply Chains

The One Tool You Shouldn't Overlook to Get More Out of Your Sales and Marketing Teams in Tough Times

Turn a financial downturn into a great opportunity for your sales and marketing team using advanced analytics

Double Trouble: Utilizing Automated Document Management for AP and AR

A Paperless ERP system can benefit anyone in any industry

Realize the Value of Your Dynamics ERP by Leveraging Its Data

Edgewater Fullscope
Stories from four companies who have learned to leverage their ERP data to their advantage

Shortening the Cash Conversion Cycle with a Paperless Microsoft Dynamics Platform

An efficient CCC allows a business to remain ahead of competitors

Achieving High Performance in the Supply Chain: Inventory Optimization

Quantifiable benefits of inventory optimization
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