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The Cloud Playbook: Your Winning Strategy for a Resilient IT Infrastructure

Practical advice for tackling the top six most common problems

How Mid-size Companies Can Automate Purchase Management

See how much you can save by more effectively tracking and managing you expenses - you may be surprised.

Empowering SharePoint Users with Purpose-Built Document Management

Boosting the value of SharePoint

How to Build and Maintain High-Quality Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Not building and maintaining good lists can result in low conversions, high bounce rates, spam complaints and even being blacklisted by an ISP

Growth Through Partners: Best Practices for Independent Software Vendors

Scenarios and best practices based guidance on how to effectively build and manage a partner channel

Obtaining Business Intelligence (BI) from Microsoft Dynamics GP

Everyone wants Business Intelligence (BI), but few know where to start. This guide is all about using “native” Microsoft Dynamics GP to start your BI journey.

Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency of Your Manufacturing Business

Learn from best-in-class manufacturers

Top 10 Best Practices for Migrating Data from On-Premise to the Cloud

Equip yourself with the information and tools you need to improve your likelihood for success

The Ultimate AP Toolkit

Everything You Need for Your AP Automation Research
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