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By pairing electronic signatures with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users can truly go paperless. If you've ever had to sign a contract with an organization that is not using e-signature technology, you are familiar with the additional work that can easily consume 30 minutes per interaction - open an...[READ MORE]


The Convergence of Mobility and E-Signatures

E-Signing is more personal, more secure and easier than ever

User Authentication for E-Signature Transactions

How to select the right authentication methods to prove who signed

The Top 3 E-Signature Use Cases: What Type of E-Signature Best Suits My Process?

Defining the steps in a typical e-signature process

How to Calculate E-Signature ROI

Align your e-signature initiative with corporate goals, and use both hard and soft ROI to support the business case

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

An introduction to the key concepts and considerations for creating digital business processes

5 Best Practices for High User Adoption in E-Signature Transactions

The benefits and savings you will realize are likely more than enough to justify introducing e-signatures

CRM User Adoption: The Key to Delivering Amazing Customer Experiences (Recorded Webcast)

How to increase user adoption and help your organization get more out of your CRM in 2015 and beyond
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