Bill Of Material Mgmt

Software Evaluation Guide: Configurator-based Guided Selling and Quoting Solutions for Manufacturers of Complex Products

Options to help you select a guided selling and quoting solution for your organization

Product Customization Management: How to Reduce the Complexities of Mass Customization

Product Customization Management (PCM) is a business strategy that all manufacturers need to implement

Ten Capabilities Customers Want from a Manufacturer of Configure-to-Order Products

What does ‘easy to do business with’ really mean?

Stop the Pain: 7 Smart Project Management and Accounting Procedures that Work

Synergy Business Solutions
How to safeguard your cash flow, project performance, and profit margins

7 Secrets the Healthiest Project-Driven Organizations Know and Consistently Implement, That You May Not

Synergy Business Solutions
How to access reliable information to control costs, create accountability, and make critical decisions with confidence
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