Augusta State University Turns to Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud as Teaching Tool

Augusta State University will begin using Microsoft Dynamics GP as a teaching tool via  myGPcloud from RoseASP, and the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (DynAA) to "expose, educate, and prepare" students by using a cloud technology platform to improve their learning experiences.

The DynAA connects Microsoft customers, partners and academic institutions around the world. According to lists available on the Microsoft web site, there are nearly 1800 participating schools in the program around the globe.  These schools use Microsoft Dynamics business management tools to help  students learn about key business processes, concepts, and theories. The solutions also help students better understand ERP and CRM, integrated data structure, business intelligence, and data mining.

The program also connects students and recent graduates who have business and technology degrees, according to Microsoft.

"We see many universities adopting Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud to increase the effectiveness of classroom instruction and to empower students to complete lab assignments wherever and whenever they desire," said myGPcloud's Doug Pitcher, in a statement.

Pitcher said using the web based accounting sample company, TeleCloud Inc. developed by myGPcloud, students at Augusta State University can analyze and make recommendations against a valid set of data that is usually only seen in a real world setting.

"The combination of myGPcloud and the TeleCloud Inc. sample company will allow Augusta State students to experience a fully functional, state-of-the-practice ERP across our business curriculum beginning as early as our introductory information systems course,' said Professor of Information & Decision Technologies, Todd Schultz, in the statement.

Schultz said the university is now able to put management, marketing, and finance students in the same roles they'll face in the professional world: executing relevant business processes, performing analysis, making and implementing decisions.

"Our university's membership in the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance, which provided the licenses for the core Dynamics GP ERP software, making the per-student price point for myGPcloud very reasonable, well below the cost of a typical course supplement," he said.

Schultz said the cloud saves the university money because it doesn't have to install and maintain software; it also gives students who are on- or off-campus 24/7 access to handle their studies and assignments.
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