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Dynamics GP: Strategies for Multi-Entity Environments

Binary Stream Software, Inc.
Approaches used to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP for multi-entity clients.

Automating Fax & Email Orders into Your Microsoft Dynamics Platform

A critical step for completing your "E-Vision"

Some Clouds are Meant to be Kept Private

Concerto Cloud Services
Addressing the application needs of businesses for sensitive data & customized applications

How Paperless ERP in the Cloud Can Brighten Accounting Processes (Part 2)

Five tips to help ensure your cloud transition goes smoothly

Gartner's 2014 Trends – What Microsoft Dynamics Users Should Know

4 that directly pertain to Dynamics users

Avoid Sales Tax Audits By Automating Compliance With SaaS Tax Solutions

Why sales tax needs to be on your accounting team's radar

The Major Differences Between E-Commerce and ERP

Don't expect one system to replace or replicate the functionality of the other

Why Business Intelligence is Vital to the Survival of Retailers in the 21st Century

Halo Business Intelligence
Engender customer loyalty in an environment where it is easier than ever to switch

How to Avoid the BI-Creation Trap

Halo Business Intelligence
The case for buying a business analytics package

Timesheet Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics Users

Enhance flexibility while retaining the functionality that users have come to expect and enjoy
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