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Business Need

16 Best Practices for Expanding in a Slow-Growth Electrical Distribution Market

Fine-tuning your operations

Obtaining Business Intelligence (BI) from Microsoft Dynamics GP

Everyone wants Business Intelligence (BI), but few know where to start. This guide is all about using “native” Microsoft Dynamics GP to start your BI journey.

6 Questions to Assess if Your Sales Activities are a Compliance Risk

Take this self-assessment survey to determine your transactional tax footprint and risk of non-compliance

7 Major Obstacles to Integrated Marketing Data

Bring everything you know about your customers and prospects together within each of the systems that drive the interactions with them

How to Identify the Areas in Your Warehouse That Can Best Benefit from Automation

Automating warehouse processes for a greater return on investment

How to Manage Critical Product Responsibilities with Lot Number and Expiry Date Traceability

Respond immediately and efficiently to product recalls

Faster BI Implementations: Key Strategies and Ancillary Benefits to Your Organization

Three critical BI implementation tips

Ten Steps Towards Best-In-Class Status in T&E Expense Management

Improve spending visibility using an automated expense management system

Analyze This: Dashboard Analytics Empower C-Suite Decision-Making

Three examples of business processes that can be informed by dashboard analytics

Overcoming Barriers to Document Automation Within Your AP Department

Why companies needs to adopt document automation
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