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How to Avoid the BI-Creation Trap

Halo Business Intelligence
The case for buying a business analytics package

The Supply Chain Executive's Strategic Agenda 2008: Managing Global Supply Chain Transformation

Demand Solutions
The critical role that supply chain executives can play in aligning business strategy with supply chain goals

How Manufacturing Enterprises of All Sizes Can Benefit from PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

PLM has arrived for mid-size manufacturing enterprises

Some Clouds are Meant to be Kept Private

Addressing the application needs of businesses for sensitive data & customized applications

Timesheet Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics Users

Enhance flexibility while retaining the functionality that users have come to expect and enjoy

The Paperless Utility: Understanding the Benefits of ECM

Perceptive Software
Several key factors to consider as you evaluate ECM solutions

Why Lean Manufacturing Demands Intelligent AP Automation

AP automation technology can complement the lean manufacturing process in a number of ways

Dynamics GP: Strategies for Multi-Entity Environments

Binary Stream Software, Inc.
Approaches used to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP for multi-entity clients.

Five Hidden Costs of Manual Sales Tax Compliance

Hidden costs and hidden sources of risk are often magnified in a manual system
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