Microsoft shares roadmap for Dynamics CRM through first half of 2014 and other plans beyond the frontier

Microsoft Dynamics CRM still can still throw around some impressive and interesting statistics.  Wayne Morris, CVP for MBS marketing, updated the audience of over 400 at the Dynamics CRM Vision session at WPC 2013 with the latest numbers.  Dynamics CRM now has 3.5 million users, almost 40,000 customers, and Q3 of FY2013 was the product's 35th quarter of successive double digit growth.  And two-thirds of new Dynamics CRM customers are now deploying with CRM Online.

After the CRM 2013 release, planned for October, the CRM roadmap calls for two Online-only releases - Mira, scheduled for the first quarter of calendar year 2014 with a focus on the next version of MarketingPilot (and presumably its integration), and Leo in the second quarter of 2014, with a focus on updates on customer service scenarios.

Missing from the roadmap still is a firm plan on delivering Microsoft's own mobile clients for Dynamics CRM. While the tablet form factor is getting plenty of attention, Microsoft-built mobile phone interface only got a mention on the "Next Frontier" slide presented by Dynamics CRM program manager Reuben Krippner, along with several other areas:

  • enhanced sales planning & analytics
  • enhanced search marketing
  • lync & skype integration
  • integrated social
    • brand mgmt
    • social care - tweets, blogs, social posts to convert to leads, cases
  • mobile client app - extended device support
  • customer service enhancements - state of the art case mgmt awith SLA and Entitlement compliance

Krippner noted after the session that the major mobile app vendors in the Dynamics space continue to engage with the Dynamics CRM team as they develop and market their products, and that extensibility will be a guiding factor for mobile plans that Microsoft moves ahead with.

The ability to match customers with the right products and services based on their interests - something Dynamics CRM CVP Bob Stutz called out specifically in his CRM 2013 announcement - will apparently be driven by MarketingPilot features that are planned for roll out through the Mira release and through social insights gathered from NetBreeze, as that integration to CRM takes shape. The NetBreeze integration timeline and pricing model are still "yet to be determined" according to CRM management at WPC 2013.

The pricing updates Microsoft announced earlier in the week got a quick discussion on Monday, with promises of much more in-depth guidance to come as readiness activities for CRM 2013 ramp up. The goal, according to Dynamics general manager Fred Studer, is to "elevate and simplify" licensing and to bring parity between online and on-premise, and to align pricing structure with other Microsoft products.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 On-Prem licensing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Online licensing

One licensing detail of note - Dynamics CRM Online will include a non-production instance and at least 5GB of storage, with an additional 2.5GB for every 20 professional user subscription licenses (USLs) (hat tips: North52 for the post with screenshots, Jukka Niiranen for the tweet)

There is more readiness training on pricing changes coming, Studer said. In addition to pricing updates, Dynamics CRM partners and ISVs can expect to start gearing up on other types of readiness activities  - there are just three months to go before the release is scheduled to be available on-premise and, more critically, for CRM Online customers.

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ERP Integration

Does MS offer a connector for Dynamics CRM online to any of their ERP products? Or is this something that a partner might have developed (similar to what SFDC do)?



RE: ERP Integration

Hi Dave,

There is a Connector between MS CRM and NAV both for On Prem and Online versions. More information can be found here:

There are also other integration tools such as Scribe, or you can build a custom service, but it really depends on what you want to achieve.

Hope this helps.


ERP Integration

Thanks Jan,

That was a helpful link. It does say that the connector works for both Dynamics CRM Online and On-premise. I'm not really sure if both integrations are the same though (or deliver the same experience). I would have though that a bi-directional sync process between Dynamics CRM Online and the On-Premise ERP would be challenging given a company firewall would be sitting somewhere in between.

I am new to Dynamics CRM so maybe this is something that is already taken care of somewhere.



Their connector works with AX, NAV and GP. It is very limited with SL.

I have used Scibe many times, but there are some new comers to the field that you might want to look into.

RE: ERP Integration

I have used both the Microsoft Connector and Scribe. There is another product that I will likely use for a new project.