Dynamics CRM Community Leader Jim Glass Departs Microsoft


Long time Microsoft employee and Microsoft Dynamics CRM community guru Jim Glass announced last week that he has left Microsoft.  Although the terms of the departure are unclear, it sounds like it was a sudden event.  From his farewell blog post:

After 20 years in the military and now 20 years at Microsoft, I am considering how to spend the next 20 years. It's been fun, exciting, and a growing experience here at Microsoft. My last day is Friday 7 October 2011. The company, people, and product groups have treated me very well. Ciao.

And from his twitter account: 

Certainly a quiet departure for a man who has made a career in recent years of engaging with the Dynamics CRM community and fostering the growth of Dynamics CRM MVPs, which are by far the largest group with over 50 currently.  His MSDN profile shows over 1,000 blog posts and 11,000 forum activities.  And he was an easy selection for our list of best Dynamics CRM blogs earlier this year.

Glass's Twitter account today suggests that his departure from Microsoft was more like a layoff and doesn't mark retirement of any sort.

Glass's departure has generated well wishes from various parts of the community. 

Dynamics MVP David Berry started a forum thread to collect well wishes.  And on Jim's own farewell post has had quite a few responses. 

Curt Spanburgh wrote:

I met Jim at Convergence in 2005.   He got started on all that we are using right now, like this very forum and the blog sites we use.

He is responsible in a very large way for building the community, and helping the product become what it is today but creating links between the MVPs and the Product Group.  Both groups avail themselves of benefit in this arrangment.

And this:

You're an amazing individual and I know that whoever has the good fortune to cross your path and linger for a while will come away a better person from the experience.  Your generosity, guidance, wisdom, support, encouragement and contributions will be felt for years to come.  You've made a difference in the lives of many, me included.  Thank you for all you've given. Enjoy, Enjoy and please keep in touch!

And this:

All the best and thanks for everything!

While Jim is out of his Microsoft gig, he appears to be continuing on steadily with his personal blog (warning: includes some NSFW material) and his other pursuits.

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