How to Gain an Operational Edge by Fully Integrating AP and Dynamics ERP Technology

Choosing flash over substance, too many companies are unknowingly implementing AP document management and workflow technology before properly aligning their AP processes. AP technology needs to be applied to an efficient procure-to-pay (P2P) process before organizations are best able to drive real efficiency. When AP technology is fully integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as Microsoft’s Dynamics suite, Accounting is in the best position to use the efficiency and visibility AP technology cultivates to empower the C-suite to make sound, informed decisions. The accounting function also is best positioned to elevate itself from cost center to revenue driver by enabling leadership to drive measurable return on the organization’s ERP investment.

This paper provides a comprehensive examination of opportunities to empower and elevate accounting departments in all industries from task completer to strategic and trusted advisor for the C-suite, including:
  • How to determine and evaluate the real impact of paper and process challenges;
  • Methods for evaluating AP technology vendors’ experience in enabling intelligent automation through AP/ERP technology integration;
  • Five key challenges for managing procure-to-pay (P2P) processes;
  • AP and ERP survey results;compare your progress
  • How one company successfully transitioned from being entirely paper-based to 100% paperless;
  • Three key ERP integration questions to ask your AP technology partner;
  • Two essential conditions for leveraging the accounting function’s efficiency and visibility in the C-suite.

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