The Sustainability Switch: How Moving From Paper to Electronic Document Delivery and Management Is Good for the Environment - and for Business

In tough economic times, it’s easy for businesses to push environmental issues down the agenda. Many short-sighted business managers assume that environmental sustainability initiatives represent a “cost” to the business and so can be “rationalized”, along with other so-called discretionary functions.

Sustainability is easy to see as discretionary, because it’s intangible. The effects of unsustainable practice will only be felt in the long term, and probably elsewhere, so action can be pushed out to the future. No point being sustainable if we can’t pay the bills. They are missing the point. Most of the benefits of a sustainable approach to business are entirely aligned with good cost-saving practice; “Economizing”, “Cutting back”, “Making savings”. The positive benefits of sustainable behavior can be reaped now.

This white paper:
  • Shares some examples of sustainable business practice;
  • Examines the tangible business benefits of a sustainability policy;
  • Explores the ‘hidden costs’ of using paper for every day commercial jobs as well as the measurable costs and inefficiencies;
  • Lifts the lid on the impact of paper usage on an organization’s carbon footprint.
  • Describes the many benefits of switching from paper-based invoicing, purchase orders, letters, statements and other forms of communication processes to electronic document management, delivery and archiving.

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