How Managed EDI Tools Offset Supply Chain Risk And Complexity

Recent economic conditions have dramatically changed the global retail supplier landscape. Meanwhile, a demanding and price-conscious consumer base is growing accustomed to leveraging multiple mediums for shopping, and they’re expecting instant gratification for their efforts. Driven by economic trends and fulfillment demand, supply chain complexity has increased by orders of magnitude, creating a growing sense of urgency on the part of retail buyers and merchandisers to standardize and simplify their supplier interactions.

The lack of integration between channel-specific inventory and order management systems also continues to confound retailers and exacerbate the complexities of their supply chains. Advances in the technologies that enable EDI (electronic data interchange) have breathed new life in retailers’ interest in applying it as a platform for both consistent and collaborative supplier interaction and seamless integration of back end systems.

This white paper discusses:
  • The modern-day landscape of EDI;
  • Supply-chain execution in a multi-channel world;
  • The benefits of standards-based communication;
  • Ways to acheive supplier community compliance.

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