Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus 8 Reasons Microsoft is the Better Investment

Are you comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus SalesForce? At AbleBridge, we've been implementing CRM software for a long time. After seeing too many companies make unfortunate mistakes, we want to share the lessons learned so that you can make a more informed decision. We've posed some questions below and will help you sort through the facts with practical, real-world answers.

1. Does the real Office experience matter?
2. Is cloud always the best choice?
3. What is the cost/benefit trade-off?
4. What are the potential hidden costs?
5. A dashboard is a dashboard, right?
6. Is there value in keeping salespeople focused?
7. How important is digging into the detail?
8. Users don't want to adjust the interface to suit them, do they?

With the information in this white paper, you can feel more confident in whatever decision that you make. Download the white paper now to read complete details on why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a better investment.

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