Getting Strategic with EDI: The Three Stages of EDI Adoption in Mid-Sized Businesses

Your business has been profitable and successful for years, you understand your market, your product provides a solution to a critical need, and you just signed a major national retailer that will mean significant expansion for your business. The only problem is that you keep being told that you need to implement EDI and you are not quite sure where to turn. Your problem is not unique, in fact even companies that understand and use EDI often struggle with how much or how little attention to pay to EDI. Having a critical understanding of EDI, how it impacts your business, and how you can maximize use of this technology is critical for any small and mid-sized business in today’s market of margin pressures and high competition.

Using EDI to manage your business can be purely reactive and can also be a strategic core-competency that drives growth. Find out what the three phases of EDI adoption are and how to be ready for them.

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