How Paperless ERP in the Cloud Can Brighten Accounting Processes (Part 1)

The cloud is rumbling through industries and supply chains with an ever more dominating presence and an amazing ability to cut costs, increase productivity and boost revenues, all at the same time. Businesses covered by the cloud are shifting their IT hardware, software and networks from their own server rooms to hosted online data centers, where they subscribe to the IT services they need rather than building and maintaining an IT infrastructure on their own premises.

Companies will not realize the full impact of cloud‐based ERP without taking one important step: removing paper from their accounting processes. Even though business transactions and accounting systems today are moving at ever accelerating broadband speeds, many businesses continue to use paper in their accounts payable and receivable processes, and soon they are likely to show the economic and competitive strains of trying to keep up with the pace, accuracy and efficiencies demanded by suppliers and customers alike. The good news is that switching to Paperless ERP with automated AP and AR capabilities has become simpler than ever with low‐cost, cloud‐based ERP platforms and automation software.

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