How to Improve Efficiency with Barcoding Technology

Today it’s hard to imagine an organization functioning properly without some sort of data management system. Poor data management leaves decision makers without relevant information, and can lead to a chain reaction of negative effects.

In this white paper we’ll look at mobile data management, with a focus on Barcode and RFID solutions and how they can add efficiencies to your operations. We’ll compare the two technologies to provide a balanced view of advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives to implementing an automated data management system.

When considering the financial outlay necessary to adopt either of these technologies, the tangible benefits provide a high enough ROI in a short enough payback period to make the decision more about "when" than "if". Most importantly, if you're considering adopting a data management system, we make sure you know where and why it will make a difference to your operations.

This white paper discusses:
  • The negative effects of bad data management or data mismanagement;
  • Ways to improve your data management before looking to automate the collection process;
  • A breakdown and comparison of two types of mobile technologies that can help automate your data collection process;
  • The benefits of having an automated collection system;
  • Questions you should ask when evaluating automated data collection systems.

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