How Customer Relationship Analytics, or Analytical CRM, Helps Makes Sense of the Mounds of Data You’re Collecting from CRM Systems, Databases, and Transactions

Implementing CRM systems tends to be a complicated and expensive endeavor. While money is being spent, many companies have not been able to figure out what kind of return on investment they are getting with their systems, beyond anecdotal evidence. As one vice president of information systems puts it: “ROI on CRM systems is hard to track, because you’re looking at information you never had before.” Add to this uncertainty the staggering failure rate for CRM programs - estimated by GartnerGroup to be as high as 70% of all projects. The problem, GartnerGroup relates, is that almost half of all planned CRM implementations will be based on technology initiatives alone, and will fail to address metrics, behaviors and processes. While many of today’s database and CRM systems do a good job of capturing customer data, they can’t make the data meaningful or enhance customer relationships by themselves.

This white paper discusses the benefits of applying analytics to customer relationship management in order to open up opportunities to dramatically improve your customer relationships.

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