Four Factors Clouding AP Data in Dynamics

Is Your Accounts Payable Data Hidden in a Fog?

Organizations need visibility into accounts payable data to make strategic decisions about supply chain financing, liquidity management, mergers and acquisitions, and more. But instead of getting crystal-clear, real-time analytics and  insights, they usually find that accounts payable data is hidden by dense fog.
Read this asset and find out why:
  • It takes 45% of accounts payable departments 6 to 25 days to process a single invoice
  • Storage issues complicate audits, assessments, and procurement decisions, and increase risk
  • A lack of system integration can obscure invoice status, invoice volumes, and metrics such as operator productivity
  • It is next to impossible to quickly generate reports that will allow you to assess spend liability and track spending patterns across locations
It's time to blow away the fog that is hiding your financial data. Learn how by reading Clearing Out the Financial Fog: Four Factors that Prevent Visibility into Accounts Payable.

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