Enterprise Risk Management: Managing Use-of-Force Risk in Corrections Agencies

One of the top issues facing law enforcement agencies and jail/corrections departments across the country is use-of-force (UOF) incidents. The barrage of high-profile cases involving use of force has thrust the issue into the public eye. As the public tends to paint all law enforcement agencies with a broad brush, this shift in public opinion affects every agency.

The risk has risen sharply over the last decade. Not only has the number of UOF incidents risen in that time period, so too have the consequences. The cost of legal settlements has skyrocketed as well, not to mention the number of officers whose lives and careers are damaged by criminal charges related to UOF.

In order to manage the related risk, leaders and managers need to have access to comprehensive data and analyses of the environment in which they work. The fact is that UOF can no longer be managed in a reactionary way, but instead must be addressed proactively to mitigate these risks and costs, as well as the cost of the impact on public relations and goodwill toward law enforcement.

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