Organic Supply Chain Management: Issues and Answers for Process Manufacturers of Natural Products (proteins/meats, agricultural)

A producer of organic foods may be all natural, but its process software may be very unnatural. Even within process, the planning, scheduling, costing, execution and distribution of products are extremely different. Paper mills work with block scheduling; primary metals use metallurgy to determine correct formulas; and many food processors use organic methods to deliver products with correct shelf life. But companies with organic supply chains should choose ERP and APS solutions designed to specifically handle the nuances of process manufacturing in order to truly optimize their supply chains for financial and operational performance.

In this white paper we’ll take a closer look at one of these process sub-vertical industries, Organic Supply Chain (OSC) companies. Most of these organizations dissemble organic raw material (beef, pork, poultry, agricultural products and even petroleum) and have specific requirements that generic process ERP systems and certainly discrete ERP systems, designed to plan, schedule and manufacture items like toasters, cannot address.

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