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Business Need

The End of Nexus & Other Sales Tax Compliance Challenges, How It Effects Your Business

How will online sales tax affect your business?

5 Ways Sales Tax Affects Your Company...and How to Deal with Them

Every business is affected, not just retailers

Improving Organizational Performance Management Through Pervasive Business Intelligence

Evidence that the competitive value of business intelligence and analytics solutions is growing.

Why TMS Should Be A Key Component to Your Customer Service Strategy

Discovering these customer wants and needs comes at a cost to shippers

Boost the Effectiveness of Your Microsoft Dynamics AX HRM Module

How companies can compete and win in today’s global market by improving recruitment processes

Microsoft’s Ultimate Social Intelligence Guide for CRM

Using online networks to build relationships and boost sales

The Business Case for Integrating ERP

Ability to leverage relevant and related data to enable far more effective executive decision making

Getting Started with eSignature Technology for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 365

A step-by-step guide for implementing electronic signatures

15 Questions to Ask When Choosing an AP Automation Solution Provider

A guide to select the most appropriate AP solution to meet both your business and process needs
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