Next Generation e-Commerce Tools for Retailers

What will the next generation of retail e-Commerce look like? Shopping cart abandonment rates continue to be at high levels, nearly 60 percent, and retailers struggle with keeping customers at the site long enough to make a purchase. Marketing states that the problem is no longer that consumers can’t figure out how to use the internet. Consumers are familiar with online shopping. When consumers abandon the shopping cart, they usually do so for good reason, and usually one that is marketing in nature. In internet marketing we talk about the customer experience on the web site, which is what happens when the customer enters and searches the site and attempts to make a purchase. The marketer’s goal is to make that process as easy and seamless as possible.

There are several leading-edge e-Commerce solutions that can contribute to the retailer’s bottomline. These tools, which are discussed in this white paper, can reduce the abandonment problem.

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