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The Power of Order Tracking


It is common for executives to focus on refining internal processes, but understanding the customer’s perspective is equally important. By immersing yourself in the order tracking process, you can bridge the gap between internal operations and customer experiences.

Following an order from the initial stages of planning and entry to its completion will shift your perspective, as you experience the Order Management Cycle (OMC) from a new viewpoint. Not only will you connect with customer service representatives (CSRs) and other key personnel, but you will also begin to create a customer-centric culture. As you follow an order through the OMC, you must step into the customer’s shoes to fully understand their perspective. This window into the customer’s journey is often overlooked. By tracking an order, you’ll gain insights and empathy into the customer experience while also discovering how to enhance overall organizational and financial performance. By keeping the customer top-of-mind, you’ll create lifelong customers who are good for business. Not only do satisfied customers share their positive experiences, but they’re also likely to spend more money with your company.

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