How to Master Cloud Migration with a Microsoft Partner


The cloud? There is no such thing. There is the private cloud, the public cloud, the hybrid cloud; there is Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Google cloud and – of course – Microsoft Azure with its more than 100 services (and counting).

The move to the cloud is an important and, eventually, necessary step for companies towards digital transformation. Such a move requires a lot of planning: processes, interdependencies and more need to be considered. That can seem daunting, but the reasons for cloud migration are far too compelling. And you won’t have to do it all by yourself.

In this white paper, you’ll learn all about the basics of cloud computing and why cloud migration pays off. We’ll address common fears, for example regarding costs and know-how and resources, as well as let you in on what working with a Microsoft Partner is like and what kind of support you can and should expect.

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