SharePoint 2010 Rocks the Enterprise: Can You Finally Migrate to a Single Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System?

The Microsoft SharePoint content management system has grown so fast and become so ubiquitous that AIIM President John Mancini recently suggested it had become a common noun for content management, like Kleenex for tissue, and Xerox for copying. Research firm The Radicati Group says that SharePoint is growing 25 percent annually, several times the rate of the overall ECM market, which sunk to single digits in 2008. Overall SharePoint adoption rates have exceeded 65 percent across a variety of regions and industries, according to recent AIIM surveys.

On the other hand, Forrester Research says more than half of enterprises still maintain three or more ECM repositories. If SharePoint is so popular, why haven’t more enterprises adopted it as their sole platform for managing, securing, accessing and working with enterprise content? Good question. Microsoft says SharePoint 2010 is the answer. The company has been touting SharePoint 2010 as the “Information Operating System”. Is it? A growing number of analysts and customers indicate that new features in SharePoint 2010 make it more “enterprise-ready” than ever. Is it enough to risk migrating existing mission-critical processes from legacy enterprise systems to SharePoint? Is migrating to a single process-enabled ECM platform even necessary or advisable?

This white paper discusses:

  • The pros and cons of multiple versus single platforms;
  • The evolution of SharePoint;
  • New SharePoint 2010 features that target enterprise requirements;
  • What content management features Microsoft believes SharePoint now handles adequately on its own and which require partner ecosystem solutions.

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