Beyond Backup Plans If Disaster Strikes--How Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Can Speed Recovery

Most companies have broad backup plans and off-site servers to help protect in the event of a fire, hurricane, earthquake, or other sudden disaster. But executives often find out, too late, that gaps exist in important unstructured content and paper documents--gaps that can seriously delay getting back up and running. This white paper examines how enterprise content management (ECM), which is generally promoted as a way to optimize business processes and increase productivity, can serve as a safety net if disaster strikes, by helping your company restore normal operations quickly and smoothly.

The paper uses four case examples to explore the following:
  • How reducing reliance on paper speeds access to key documents;
  • How ECM helps keep day-to-day functions in areas such as accounts payable and human resources operating nearly without disruption during a catastrophe;
  • How ECM tools provides key employees with access to customer records and data in the event employees can't get to company headquarters;
  • How getting up-and-running quickly prevents long-term damage to a company's operations and reputation.

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