The Transition from Spreadsheet Budgets to a Packaged Application

Once the SMB is hit with budget-related issues too painful to ignore in budgeting, such as version control, complex macros, formula errors, and inability to easily draw in and consolidate input from needed participants, it would seem likely they’d adopt a packaged application for budgeting. But breaking the spreadsheet habit is a difficult step for many, and finance executives often postpone the decision to migrate to a more purpose-built budgeting solution and stick with “the devil they know.”

What readers will learn from this white paper:

  • The problems that go with spreadsheet-based budgeting.
  • The advantages of packaged applications.
  • A road map to help start the transition of your budgeting from a spreadsheet platform to an enterprise packaged application.
  • How SMBs can plan their transition to a budgeting solution that delivers more collaboration but with more control, accountability, and budget compliance.

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