When It Comes to AP Automation, "Visibility" May Be More Than Meets the Eye

Over the last few decades, the main focus of ERP automation has been on the sales and manufacturing processes. Most companies have ignored internal departments like AP, leaving them to operate with inefficient paper-based processes. Increasingly, CFOs are demanding improved "visibility" into the operation of their businesses--for themselves as well as for key suppliers, contractors, and others whose need to know can improve the accuracy of key operating data.

This Special Report from the Accounts Payable Network covers important issues for CFOs, including:
  • The top four concerns facing CFOs in terms of procure-to-pay, processing time, and other factors;
  • The most significant software obstacles to automating AP;
  • Why "visibility" is an overlooked key to the success of AP automation;
  • The three key process changes essential to gaining "true visibility";
  • One schematic example of an automated account payable process;
  • A case study of a manufacturing company's transition to automated AP;
  • Why "visibility" offers the greatest return in the transition from paper-based systems to automated AP.

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