Stop the Pain: 7 Smart Project Management and Accounting Procedures that Work

In the life of every project-based company, there comes a time when you must outgrow your start-up roots and become a more mature firm using smarter technology to succeed. Some companies never begin this maturation phase or never complete it. Their growth is stunted and their method for alleviating business pain is to remain small and accept their ineffectiveness as a handicap that comes with the territory. Sometimes these results are tolerable, but more often than not, they result in poor client services and the inability to compete.

This white paper is intended to provide you with a set of seven procedures that can overcome your project-based maladies, and empower your company to transition to the next phase. This white paper explains how to:
  • Strengthen budgeting and project performance;
  • Lose your surplus costs;
  • Cure your cash flow;
  • Maximize your revenue stream;
  • Align people, projects, and resources;
  • Enable collaboration and document management;
  • Practice smart reporting.

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