Welcome to the Webcasts section of MSDynamicsWorld.com. These webcasts have been developed by software vendors and are intended to provide guidance as you investigate products and deployment approaches for implementing Microsoft Dynamics software.

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Document Management Vendor Shootout - May 2012

Concluding our Spring 2012 Document Management Webcast Series with a "vendor shootout" style look at four document management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics users

One Stop Supplier Shop: Leveraging an Electronic Portal to Settle Invoice Disputes

How The Home Depot implemented a fully electronic portal that has evolved and now serves as a "one stop shop" for suppliers

Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence and Reporting Vendor Shootout

Discover top BI and reporting solutions in the Dynamics ecosystem that can offer serious value to your organization.

Financial Reporting Panel Discussion: Tools, Techniques, and Intelligent Choices

A panel of financial reporting experts shares their latest thinking on the tools and techniques for building the right reports for the right audiences with the right data.

Know the Score: How Improving Document Management Boosts Procurement Operations

Using Business Process Improvement methodology to approach improving document management and procurement operations

Best Practices in Invoice Processing for Microsoft Dynamics

How Dynamics ERP customers can realize the tangible benefits of streamlining invoice processes and execution with a well designed workflow.

B2B Integration Priorities for 2012: EDI, MFT and into the Clouds

ChainLink Research shares its 2012 Business Priorities research on the EDI and MFT market

Competing on BI & Analytics: How ERP and CRM Customers Can Benefit from Leveraging Their Data

A look at how winning organizations use thier BI systems to support innovation and fact-based decision making.

Top Five Considerations Before Starting Your BI Project

What are the critical early steps an organization should take to improve the chances for success with BI and Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM?

GP User Group Roundtable Webinar: Managing Compliance - July 15 2008

In this exciting GPUG Roundtable webcast, GP User Group members discuss their experiences with managing compliance. GPUG members explored this topic in round table format at Convergence (IDUG11), but its popularity deserves more GPUG attention! Is your company struggling to keep the accountants and auditors happy with the data contained within GP. Is your internal control structure supported by GP adequate? Not sure how to respond to your Executives when they start asking questions about Compliance?
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