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What Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 will mean for the Enterprise customer

In this webcast, Barry Givens of Avanade and Pravin Kumar of Microsoft discuss how the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is likely to impact larger organizations. As Microsoft gets ready to release the long-anticipated Dynamics CRM 2013, learn what the highlights will mean for you.

Topics of the session include:

The Road to AP Serenity for Microsoft Dynamics Customers

For Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers, the key to taking your AP from chaos to calm is adopting strategic automation technologies for your invoice and payment processes.

Implementing BI: History Lessons, From Mainframe to Mobile

By examining the history of Business Intelligence, including its real results in business and government (yes the CIA!), we can take the lessons and apply them to current BI best practices.

Microsoft CRM 2013 Readiness: Support, Training, and Change Management

Begin preparing to manage critical upgrade decisions around Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Enterprise Architecture: What it Means for Manufacturers and Microsoft Dynamics AX

Discussing what Enterprise Architecture means for Manufacturers using Microsoft Dynamics AX, including a review the major mega-trends in the industry such as Cloud, Big Data, and mobility

Who Owns CRM in Your Organization? How Healthy Teams Support CRM

Case studies and recommendations on managing CRM data, enhancements, and technical support.

CRM Webcast Series Vendor Showcase - Spring 2013

Discover top solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem that can offer serious value to your organization.

BI and Reporting Vendor Shootout - Spring 2013

A first hand look at top BI solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem

The Power of Personal BI with Dynamics AX 2012: PowerPivot and Power View

An examination of Microsoft PowerPivot & Power View with Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Ask the Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP: An Interactive Discussion, May 2013

A new panel discussion a range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM topics
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